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Facilities Master Plan


K-12 Education


Planning + Community Engagement


80 Acres




Georgia Civil was commissioned to lead Morgan County Charter School System in a long range facilities master planning process which included working with the design team to provide a comprehensive master plan for a re-envisioned campus model for the grades 6-12 schools. For Morgan County, a tight-knit rural community with a rich history and steadfast commitment to high quality education, the process had to include a commitment to community engagement, detailed data analysis, and a fiscally responsible approach that maximized state entitlements and local tax dollars.


From site feasbility studies, analysis of enrollment trends and projections, through stakeholder input sessions and anlaysis of both current and potential public partnerships, Georgia Civil, in collaboration with the design team, has recommended a unified campus model that seeks to maximize student and teacher collaboration while minimizing project cost.



Georgia Civil and the design team have helped Morgan County better analyze existing facilities, address community needs and concerns, and establish a planning framework that can be used by the School System for years to come.