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Feasibility Study with SiteOps©


K-12 Education


Planning + Optimization + Site Selection


Identify 25 Acres of Parent Tract - 155 Acres




Georgia Civil had the recent opportunity to address grade school planning needs for a large Georgia School System. The System needed to efficiently analyze multiple design scenarios in order to determine potential grading and infrastructure costs for their next school project. With large properties in consideration, the School System came to Georgia Civil because of the unique tools and knowledge base employed to process a lot of information in a very short amount of time.


As one of the first adopters of optimization technology in 2009, Georgia Civil has developed a consistent reputation for helping clients make informed decisions early in the design process- saving clients time and money. For this project, Georgia Civil outlined a process which included various site optimizations and dynamic presentations to School System officials. This analysis was designed to helped the System better understand each site's opportunities and constraints, narrow down site choices, review budget, and visualize the end product.


By utilizing the most advanced site optimization tool on the market- SiteOps- Georgia Civil was able to collaborate with multiple property owners and consultants to analyze each site, identify the right property for the School System, and make informed decisions on the most efficient ways to route infrastructure while reducing site impacts. By conisdering various "what if" design scenarios, the School System can now move forward with tremendous confidence that the best site was selected.