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Farmview Market


Retail + Agritourism


Land Planning + Civil Engineering + Landscape Architecture


45 Acres


2015 Completion


The Farmview Market in Madison, Ga., incorporates a farmer’s market, grocery store, traditional butcher shop, casual cafe, grist mill and pick-your-own farm space in a one-stop retail destination featuring locally sourced, farm-to-table offerings. By tapping into a growing locavore movement, the client is operating from a desire to help create more vibrant, better connected, healthier and economically sustainable communities by generating value for local farms and farmers and bringing communities closer to their food sources.

As the development is a multi-use facility of varying commercial and agricultural specialties, Georgia Civil needed to design a flexible footprint that served the primary needs of the market while planning for future phases.


From these overarching goals, Georgia Civil recommended a phasing plan that would address the current infrastrucuture needs, while providing expansion nodes to minimize development costs in future phases. In addition, Georgia Civil also recommended a hardscape plan that adds to the site aesthetic while offering outdoor lease space during busy markets.


Integrating two massive 18th and 19th century historic barns -- relocated and reconstructed on site from upstate New York -- the facility is ready for a mix of commercial and agricultural uses with the flexibility and infrastructure to grow as the business, farm participation and consumer base grows. Based on projections based on similarly sized markets, the site is expected to see upwards of 800,000 people per year according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.